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"It's because the change is subtle and gradual, once you notice it, it's irreversible."

Taipei: All-you-can-read. Places to visit

Before you yawn, this is my last (and the longest so far) post in the Taipei: All-you-can-read series with a list of places I’ve been to in my last 3 trips 🙂 And I’ll come back to Taiwan for more, so any of your suggestions for my upcoming trip in summer are much appreciated! Continue reading “Taipei: All-you-can-read. Places to visit”

“As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.”
– John Green –

Taipei: All-you-can-read. Night Markets

“Taiwanese are very patient when it comes to good food,” that’s what my local friend told me – something to keep in mind when you visit night markets in Taipei. You’ll either love it or hate it: Continue reading “Taipei: All-you-can-read. Night Markets”

White cherry blossoms in March
– Green Lake, Seattle, 2012 –

Taipei: All-you-can-read. Food

You can find plenty of blog posts across the internet about where to get good food in Taipei. My suggestion is to go through them all, make a good list and group them on the MRT map. Continue reading “Taipei: All-you-can-read. Food”

Taipei: All-you-can-read. Pack & Go

I’ve been to Taiwan 3 times within the past 5 months, for both leisure & work. The shortest stay is 1 week & the longest is 20 days. I have to admit that Taiwan is sort of addictive, and I will keep coming back for more of this country. Continue reading “Taipei: All-you-can-read. Pack & Go”

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